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2023 Agenda

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Into the Metaverse: 9 Superpowers of VR Learning

Feb 09, 2023
Disruptive Technologies
The metaverse is here. It’s just unevenly distributed. This session will take you inside the new generation of virtual reality (VR) simulations from industry-leading organizations. Get ready to learn how they harness pixelated 3D worlds to tap into nine superpowers of VR that will upend enterprise training and human performance as we know it: experiential, embodied, and state-dependent learning, visualization, engagement, analytics, storytelling, and social presence. Experience hyper-realistic, multiuser performance simulators that reduce training costs, improve job performance, and boost engagement at scale.
Anders Gronstedt, President - Gronstedt Group

Application on the Job 1

Identify a VR pilot, build the business case, overcome obstacles, and scale VR across the enterprise.

Application on the Job 2

Build photo-realistic, multiplayer VR performance environments in a real-time game engine with a team of game developers.

Application on the Job 3

Deploy VR with device and content management platforms, advanced analytics, and learning management system and learning record store reporting.

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