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2023 Agenda

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How to Make Your Microlearning Learner-Centered

Feb 06, 2023
How can you go micro with the greatest impact? During this session, you’ll learn about four uses of microlearning, 20 ways to go micro, and how to design micro to be learner-centered. You will also apply this to your work, so you create learner-centered microlearning. You will leave with a renewed focus on your learner, fresh ideas for incorporating microlearning, and practical tips to make those ideas a reality!
Carla Torgerson, Head of Learning Experience Strategy - TorranceLearning

Application on the Job 1

Identify how to use microlearning to make the greatest impact for your learners.

Application on the Job 2

Recognize why microlearning needs to be learner-centered.

Application on the Job 3

Identify four use cases for microlearning and 20 ways to go micro, as well as strategies for making your microlearning learner-centered.

Target Audience

Instructional Designer

Session Type