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2023 Agenda

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Level Up Your Gamification With Design Thinking

Feb 07, 2023
Many employees have endured misguided attempts at gamification, suffering through mandatory training with points and badges described as fun. In addition, the steep costs of building a modern gamified learning system discourage some from designing engaging tools. But what if we’re wrong about what really goes into building a great gamified learning experience? In this session, we’ll discuss common misconceptions around gamification in L&D and learn how design thinking can revive gamification, turning it into a meaningful learning experience.
David Hildreth, Creative Director - Ardent Learning
Giang Slopek, Learning Experience Designer - Ardent Learning
Bianca Baumann, VP, Learning Solutions & Innovation - Ardent Learning

Application on the Job 1

Use the design thinking framework to get to know your audience, what motivates them, and more.

Application on the Job 2

Separate the signals from the noise and decide whether to gamify learning moments or the entire experience.

Application on the Job 3

Create engaging gamified learning experiences that meet learning needs within a budget.

Target Audience

Instructional Designer

Learning Path(s):

Build Immersive Learning

Session Type

Byte-Size Learning