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2023 Agenda

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Learning Data for Analytics and Action (Live Streamed)

Feb 07, 2023
Data and Analytics
Now is the time to plan for the strategic use of your learning data to evaluate learning and performance, support business decision making, and integrate business and learning workflows. How does this work? What tools and skills will you need? As you create your data road map, this session will provide a framework for planning and case studies to learn from. We’ll begin with an overview of xAPI, the interoperable learning data specification. From there, the focus will be on a framework for applying data in your work for archival purposes, analytics, and action; a map of your learning data ecosystem; and a process for using data to make decisions in design, delivery, and impact.
Megan Torrance, CEO - TorranceLearning

Application on the Job 1

Make a compelling business case for using xAPI.

Application on the Job 2

Map the learning data ecosystem in your organization, whether xAPI-based or not.

Application on the Job 3

Identify opportunities to apply analytics in your work and a first project to apply these concepts to.

Target Audience

Instructional Designer

Learning Path(s):

Begin Your Learning Designer Journey, Level Up Your Instructional Design

Session Type

Super Session