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2023 Agenda

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L&D as the "New Kid on the Blockchain"

Feb 06, 2023
Disruptive Technologies
Have you heard about the blockchain but wonder what it is and how it might be useful for you as an L&D professional? Want to understand it via real-life examples? Then, this session is for you! Join us as we discuss the starting points and principles of blockchain and how it works, and then review real-world applications in different industries. You'll learn about the most promising, concrete blockchain applications available today, and how you might benefit them in your role.
Ger Driesen, Learning Innovation Leader - aNewSpring

Application on the Job 1

Understand the basic principles of blockchain and its promises for L&D.

Application on the Job 2

Learn how existing blockchain applications are disrupting L&D.

Application on the Job 3

Access and clarify whether you would benefit from using blockchain applications.

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