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2023 Agenda

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Identity at Work: Technological Foundations for Human Interactions

Feb 09, 2023
Collaborative and Social Learning
Identity is central to efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplaces. Reflecting on and exploring the multiple aspects of our own identities are key to self-awareness, understanding our biases, and seeing our identities evolve through time and context. This enables us to reach out to others with humility, curiosity, and the desire to connect through similarities and differences. This session leverages a mixed-platform approach to deliver both a self-reflection experience and a way to deepen your relationships and connections to others in your workplace. You’ll learn how to lean into the strengths of different learning environments for the unique stages of a learning experience.
Jonathan Yeo, Founder - The Potential Space

Application on the Job 1

Breakdown DEI learning experience objectives into platform-specific components.

Application on the Job 2

Use guided self-reflection to enhance self-awareness and create a better foundation for connection.

Application on the Job 3

Navigate and apply more complex ideas of identity to help break through stereotypes and limiting categorizations.

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