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2023 Agenda

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Enabling Effective Virtual Workshops for All Teams With Accessible Tools

Feb 06, 2023
Virtual Classroom
Virtual teamwork today is the norm, and it's staying that way. While collaboration capabilities have evolved rapidly, procedures that work for everyone are behind, and we are facing huge hurdles in making this environment work effectively for everyone. In this session, you will learn from real-world examples of using accessible technology to enable and support virtual collaboration with clients, from groups of 10 to 100. You will leave with practical recommendations for making the digital workplace less frustrating and more productive for everyone. Use these lessons learned to leverage the tools you have to get the results you need. Enable effective teamwork, innovation, learning, and relationship building.
Christina Barss, Lead Transformation Expert - Problem Solutions

Application on the Job 1

Discover and apply techniques to improve participant engagement in a hybrid collaboration session.

Application on the Job 2

Apply readily available productivity tools to capture data and improve turnaround time in analysis.

Application on the Job 3

Explore lessons learned in translating virtual workshop collaboration into meaningful executive summaries to gain buy-in at all levels.

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