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2023 Agenda

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Deploying Robotic Process Automation in Your Training Program

Feb 09, 2023
Technology Strategy for Leaders
The strategic application of robotic process automation (RPA) can be an effective lever in eliminating manual activity, increasing quality, and creating capacity for any organization. In this session, the speakers will share the journey of RPA adoption by an enterprise L&D team to achieve a substantive increase in quality, speed, and resource capacity. You’ll also get to experience their problem solving, analysis, and decision-making approach.
Emma Parnell-Klabo, Sr. Director, Corporate Compliance - Capital One Financial Corporation
Danielle Walton, Principal Risk Specialist - Capital One Financial Corporation

Application on the Job 1

See a demonstration of bots deployed in an L&D environment.

Application on the Job 2

Discover the possibilities of RPA and the power of upskilling investment.

Application on the Job 3

Use outcomes of RPA adoption to influence a tangible exploration of technology adoption.

Target Audience


Learning Path(s):

Leverage Learning Technology & Tools, Upgrade Your Learning Technology Strategy

Session Type

Byte-Size Learning