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2023 Agenda

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Transforming People Management Into People Development

Feb 08, 2023
The old ways of T&D are dead. In the world of the "Great Resignation" and quiet quitting, disengagement and turnover are high, despite more than $366 billion being spent by employers.

We take a different approach - one designed for more engaged employees, lower turnover, and better employee development. Let us show you how.
Holly Tate, Senior VP of Growth - Leadr

Application on the Job 1

Develop employees at scale through 1:1 meetings, clear goals, and feedback with Leadr to tackle one of the biggest challenges you face, the talent pipeline.

Application on the Job 2

Keep clearly documented employee goals front and center with Leadr, allowing employees to measure success and boosting productivity and clarity.

Application on the Job 3

Assign customized or organization-wide learning with application questions that encourage interactive, thought-provoking investment in the content.

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