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How to Master Communication Skills With Video-Based Coaching

Feb 08, 2023
Did you know that companies like Paychex, 3M, and Honeywell are getting extraordinary results with Rehearsal's video-based practice and coaching platform? It’s improving their sales, soft skills, and more! With Rehearsal, learners become better communicators by incorporating feedback from peers, mentors, and even artificial intelligence (AI). Join this session to see why Rehearsal drives ROI.
Micah Eppler, Sales Executive - eLB Learning

Application on the Job 1

Learn how video-based practice and coaching can be conveniently incorporated into a learning program

Application on the Job 2

Discover how video simulations are being used to help learners practice and improve skills.

Application on the Job 3

Explore how advances in AI and natural language processing (NLP) can help provide learners with real-time feedback.

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Demo Session