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2023 Agenda

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Data Literacy Basics for Learning

Feb 08, 2023
Data and Analytics
Data literacy is the ability to read, write, communicate, and persuade with data. Come to this session to participate in a simulated project where you need to evaluate a learning pilot based on data. You will use your data literacy skills to analyze a learning dashboard, find actionable insights, and decide whether the pilot was successful. But wait! There’s also performance data, and the correlation does not look good! The session is built using a fake data generator to make the simulated project realistic. After discussing potential biases, mistakes, and misconceptions, you'll walk away with the power of four Cs (curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and culture) and best practices on how to build similar experiences for your team.
Zsolt Olah, Sr. Learning Technologist - Amazon

Application on the Job 1

Avoid the top five data and learning biases when measuring and evaluating learning programs.

Application on the Job 2

Understand the power of the four Cs (curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and culture) through the typical data life cycle.

Application on the Job 3

Build a data literacy program for learning professionals.

Target Audience

Instructional Designer

Learning Path(s):

Begin Your Learning Designer Journey

Session Type