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How to Blend Asynchronous and Synchronous Training With Digital Tools

Feb 07, 2023
Virtual Classroom
The COVID-19 pandemic required a shift in many organizations’ training course delivery—from face-to-face instruction to web-based or virtual formats. In the beginning, instructional delivery may have felt awkward for learners and instructors. More than two years later, some may argue that instructors and learners may even prefer these all-virtual formats. However, we know that virtual is not always the most effective form of instructional delivery. As a sense of normalcy returns, the old normal even looks different. There is a new dynamic in the training landscape that must not be overlooked. Learn how to use digital tools to blend traditional classroom delivery with new web-based and virtual offerings.
Garrett Wheat, Statewide Strategic Program Manager - DOTD

Application on the Job 1

Blend your virtual and face-to-face courses using software and other training tools.

Application on the Job 2

Apply assessment principles across your training activities.

Application on the Job 3

Evaluate different techniques and use current tools in a new approach.

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Upgrade Your Learning Technology Strategy

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